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Plant pot with a cartoonish angry face on it.

Is Your Anger an Ally or Enemy?

Anger is often misunderstood as an emotion. People tend to think of anger as something that we must learn to rise above. That it is something that we must shun, or even beat into submission, so that we can be the perfectly calm enlightened masters of our own universe. I would argue that isn’t quite […]

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Illustration of a toxic relationship

Relationship Karma: Demystifying Toxic Relationships

Have you noticed that you seem to attract the same types of unhealthy relationships? Do you find yourself conflicted over whether to stay in a toxic relationship? Many of us have found ourselves in relationships that have not supported our highest good. Sometimes we may even find ourselves in relationships that are positively detrimental to […]

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Self-hypnosis, releasing into fire, tapping - EFT

Three Ways to Release Stuck Emotions at Home

Do you ever feel stuck in a negative emotion? Do you feel like painful emotions are blocking you from the experiences you want in your life? Are you ready to release that sticky energy, but not sure how? Would you like to be able to do it from the comfort of your own home? Emotions, […]

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