Relationship Karma: Demystifying Toxic Relationships

Illustration of a toxic relationship

Have you noticed that you seem to attract the same types of unhealthy relationships?

Do you find yourself conflicted over whether to stay in a toxic relationship?

Many of us have found ourselves in relationships that have not supported our highest good. Sometimes we may even find ourselves in relationships that are positively detrimental to our physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing.

What happens when we hear our inner voice whispering to (or shouting at) us to shift that energy and move forward?

Do we listen, or do we ignore it?

We partner with people in our lives in order to learn and grow as individuals. We create soul contracts with others to provide opportunities to resolve old karma and patterns that we have brought into this life. We have these contracts with people that build us up, and with people that tear us down. Your relationship karma can be fulfilled in one night, or can take place over a majority of your lifetime.

The lessons we learn through people that are not healthy for us can powerfully impact our lives, but sometimes come at a terrible cost. They can range from discovering your inner strength through recovering from abuse, to uncovering your life purpose by unlocking a part of yourself that was unknown to you prior to the experience. They might even provide a wake-up call to shift out of certain behaviors and habits that may negatively impact your future.

In toxic relationships, we may lose track of ourselves as individuals, becoming lost in the other person or the in whirlwind of drama they may create. We may no longer be able to see our own value, and start to believe that we don’t deserve to be treated with love and respect. As my clients emerge from the grasps of toxicity, one of the lessons that I often see come up is the deep truth that you are enough, that you are worthwhile, that you are loved, and lovable and loving.

Healing from an unhealthy relationship takes time, courage and a resolution to shift what needs shifting in our lives and in ourselves. We have to take responsibility for our life. Taking time to look deeper at these patterns that thread throughout our lives, can help us gain perspective.

If we do not make choices to resolve these patterns, we may see them repeat, relationship after relationship, until we release them. Ultimately, you are the only person who knows whether your soul contract with another person has been completed. Listen to your inner voice, your highest self, as it is always speaking to you. When we understand why we came into each other’s lives, it can be easier to see why we may need to let go, and give us insight in how to do so.

If you need some clarity in resolving a painful relationship matter, and feel that looking into the patterns in your life (both past and present) would help you find the resolve that you are seeking, I can help.