Holistic Health Program

Holly spent many years focused solely on improving her mind to improve her life, and it’s been a beautiful journey; however, it wasn’t until she started to incorporate whole body health that she truly pushed through the plateau and started seeing huge improvements in her life!

By approaching self-improvement holistically, instead of focusing on just one area, you will see huge improvements in your life overall. 

Holistic health focuses on taking care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Holly is most at home with matters of the mind and spirit, which is why she’s partnered with The Healthstyle Emporium & Juice Plus to help fill in the gaps for her clients on the nutritional and exercise front!

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With The HealthStyle Emporium, you get access to weekly inspirational email updates, a wealth of recipes, fun challenges, and a website full of helpful videos from experts on fitness, mindfulness and nutrition. You get access to all of that with any purchase from the Juice Plus nutritional product line that you place with Holly.

Holly is confident that you will feel better when you rise up across these areas of your life, and wants to encourage your progress by offering a free hour-long session every month that you are signed up with her to be part of the program with the Core 4 Juice Plus products. 

You can go right on to the Juice Plus website to take a look at the variety of products they have to offer or even to place an order directly, but if you want access to the extra benefits of the Health Style Emporium and your free monthly session with Holly, be sure to chat with Holly first!

In full disclosure, being partnered with the company, Holly does earn on qualifying products; however, her intention is to bring something of value to you that has been helpful in her own journey.

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