Past Life Regression

If so, you might be a great fit for past life regression!

Past Life Regression relies on the idea of reincarnation – that our spirit lives beyond our physical bodies, goes to an in-between place, and is reborn into a new life.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic will not effect the experience that you have. Have an open mind, and allow yourself to enjoy whatever experience presents itself!

Holly acts as a guide to connect you with your past as you answer questions that tell the story of your prior incarnation in hypnotic trance.

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  • Discover & heal past life trauma
  • Learn about your connections with loved ones
  • Gain insight from your higher self
  • Free yourself from stuck energy from your past life
$250 - 2 hours

You may see, hear, feel or simply know what is happening. Some experience the life as though they are living it, while others experience it as if watching a movie. Some experience profound emotion, while others are more distanced from the emotions of what is happening. Each regression is a unique experience. 

During your regression, Holly looks for opportunities to heal energetic blocks, and release energetic connections that no longer serve you. Sometimes simply bearing witness is enough to release the sticky energy. Sessions end with an audience with your higher self, where you can ask whatever questions are on your heart.  

What can you hope to achieve from a past life regression?

Clarity, insight, trauma release, emotional healing, and obtaining information that may create positive changes in your present incarnation. 

Note for skeptics: I have no concrete proof for the existence of reincarnation, other than my own personal experiences and those of my clients. However, whether you are truly connecting with the memory of a prior life, or your wonderful subconscious mind has created the most perfect analogy needed for healing… healing is achieved either way.

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$250 - 2 hours
“I have had two past life energy healing sessions with Holly and they were eye opening and life changing. I was able to break through some old chains in my life with her help and free myself of the burdens that we all carry inside... Holly will help you access your inner knowledge, where this information has been hiding all along, in order to get the answers you need.”