Spiritual Guidance

Holly is an eclectic witch, who often prefers to refer to herself simply as "spiritual."

She started the journey of discovering her own blend of spirituality 23 years ago. Holly has studied a variety spiritual traditions and forms of divination. She enjoys honing her intuitive gifts, working with crystals, and manifesting positive change.
At its core, Holly believes that we have the ability to focus our will and intention to effect change in ourselves and the world around us. Call it manifestation, call it prayer, call it magick… focused will & intention is believed to be effective in societies across the world.
Holly loves to work with people who are seeking. To immerse herself in this realm with you is a genuine honor for her. It is a joy to be an aide in your journey… whether it be in leading you into meditational experiences, sharing knowledge and advice, or divining information for you.
Tarot cards
  • Connecting with Ancestors
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guide
  • Connecting with your Higher Self
  • Enhancing your Intuition
$125 - 1 hour
$185 - 1.5 hours

What's the benefit of working with a guide?

You can absolutely 100% do this work yourself, but having a guide can make the journey a little easier. Ultimately, you are the person walking your path. A guide shines a light on that path to help you place your feet more surely.
Holly Hart outdoors, smiling widely
Holly Hart, Hypnotherapist

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$125 - 1 hour
$185 - 1.5 hours