“I had been looking for a hypnotherapist for a while and when I came across Holly’s website, something clicked. I believe there has to be a good connection in these things, and that’s what I felt. She was quick to respond to my email, and from the beginning was warm and supportive.

I’d been looking to get rid of some addictive behaviors and went to see her with that in mind. Holly was great. She was engaging, really listened, and shared many insights that were so helpful.  She was very intuitive too; she suggested doing an exercise that didn’t seem to me would help with addictions but it absolutely did!  By the time I left, I felt in quite a different state of mind, less wrapped up in my thoughts, and a few weeks later, I still feel the same.  Thank you Holly!”

W W.

“I have been working with Holly for 4 weekly sessions at this point and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Holly’s voice is so soothing. Her intuition is spot on and her ability to share her vast wealth of knowledge regarding the human experience is easy to follow and digest. Her techniques yield amazing results and I feel empowered with the personal toolkit we are assembling one session at a time.

I can’t say enough positive things about the ground we’ve broken and the life-changing transformations I’ve experienced in such a short time. I look forward to growing and evolving more and more as we continue this journey together. I feel completely safe and confident in letting Holly guide me along the path to living my best life ever!”

Amy T.

“Holly is an exceptional healer and hypnotherapist.  I have been seeing her since 2017.  

My PTSD therapist recommended that I start hypnotherapy as a way to help me learn how to drive again after a traumatic auto accident. In addition to helping me regain my independence as a driver, Holly has helped me through each step in a lengthy healing process.

From the fear of driving, to a traumatic brain injury, to severe spinal and neck injuries, Holly has helped me put myself back together again.  Her hypnotherapy and guidance has been an integral part in my recovery.  She is compassionate, professional, and good humored.  I’m driving on freeways again, and learning how to adapt to my new cognitive strengths…I could not have made this much progress in the past year without her help.  

I highly recommend Holly to people who are dealing with PTSD and traumatic injuries.  I have already recommended her to family members in need of hypnotherapy and/or life coaching!!”

Bella V.

“I have been working with Holly for 4 weekly sessions at this point and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Holly’s voice is so soothing.  Her intuition is spot on and her ability to share her vast wealth of knowledge regarding the human experience is easy to follow and digest.  Her techniques yield amazing results and I feel empowered with the personal toolkit we are assembling one session at a time.

I can’t say enough positive things about the ground we’ve broken and the life-changing transformations I’ve experienced in such a short time. I look forward to growing and evolving more and more as we continue this journey together.  I feel completely safe and confident in letting Holly guide me along the path to living my best life ever!”


“I just can’t gush enough about how amazing Holly is. I felt so safe and supported. And I have been experiencing immediate results! It’s barely been a few days and I’m finding myself navigating emotional subjects with more peace and clarity.”

Arash A.

“I went to see Holly kind of on a whim because I was super depressed, hopeless, and unmotivated after a breakup and a work crisis and thinking about moving across the country, and a friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy. I’m so glad I went!

Holly took me through a visualization where I took my power back from various people who had taken bits of it over the years, and we did some chakra stuff, and I felt kind of silly and skeptical throughout the process but still hopeful. But as I walked out of there, I felt noticeably better.

I felt more hopeful, energetic, creative, ambitious, and less inclined towards punishing myself for my mistakes. The following day I felt myself let go of the relationship that I’d lost.

Holly’s hypnotherapy was honestly transformative. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks, Holly!”

SB, Poet

“I had my very first experience with energy healing and past life regression with Holly last week. I trusted her completely and felt thoroughly relaxed as she gently guided me into hypnosis… The regression was intense for me, but Holly helped me release unwanted emotions from a previous life that I had carried with me into this one. I’m really excited to continue working towards my healing with Holly.”

Rachel F.

“Embarking on an incredible journey with Holly over the past 9 months has been completely life-changing for me.  I was referred to Holly to process one specific traumatic experience that I had weeks prior to our initial session, but it became quickly apparent that we had much deeper work to accomplish than that one event.

From the very first moments together, I was drawn to Holly’s energy.  She is a wise, grounded, joyful, and gentle spirit with incredible intuition and an amazing gift of guiding others in a way that gives total ownership of the process to her clients.  Her sensibilities and compassionate communication are unwavering and of the highest standard.

Each time we meet, I am never quite sure what the end result for the session will be, and every single time, I am blown away with Holly’s ability to listen, sense, and put into practice exactly what I need to alleviate the pain or stress I am under.  Each session tends to blow our minds as the tapestry of healing and inner-peace unfolds before us.

Holly’s office space is tranquil and inviting, and Holly’s energy, soothing voice, and cheerful appearance tops off the entire feel to create an environment of comfort, safety, and well-being.  I have done a lot of energy healing and therapy over the years, but none of those practices have compared to the work that Holly and I have achieved together.

I highly recommend Holly Hart Healing Arts to anyone looking for a life-changing hypnotherapy partner to guide them to living their best life.  With Holly, you are putting yourself in incredible loving hands.”

Amy T.

“Energy transcends boundary and that is exactly what happened at my session with the magical Holly. A dear friend and Sister Goddess, I was beyond thrilled to share space with her in this way and allow her to lead me through this adventure. The session was done through Skype (I in NYC and she in San Diego) although, it felt like we were both present in the same room, the same space. Amazing!!!

From the first minute, Holly lead [sic] with ease and comfort; her use of energy, movement and words allowed me the space to go on the journey with her and breathe. Of course, in the beginning I felt the usual battle between holding up my wall of protection and letting it fall down. It didn’t take long for me to be opened [sic] and aware of my own inhibitions.

With ease, we both worked together to let my wall crumble. We worked quite a bit with the Emotional Freedom Technique; My reactions were honest and powerful, even more so because of Holly’s compassion during the time I spent with her during the hour. I felt my growth immensely and the release of several energetic blockages.

I am incredibly grateful of communication and check-ins, especially with a sensitive space and Holly’s intuitiveness and love completely encompassed this; always checking in with my process during the session and asking me where I was, what a [sic] felt, what I needed. She is an incredible guide, intuitive Goddess and divine Womyn. Thank you, wondrous spirit!!!”

JP, Vocalist

“Highest recommendation!!!! Holy [sic] is so amazing! She’s able to listen and reflect and identify what you need help with even if you don’t know.

I’ve seen her 3 times now for counseling leading to guided meditation. The first time, I was amazed at the level of calm that came over me for the rest of the day. I wasn’t sure a few days later if it helped, then later in the week, I realized it helped me take a life long problem, group it and the people involved into one package and hold it away from me instead of allowing it to be scattered around me encompassing all of me.  

The second time was the most amazing!  I felt like I had just gotten done with a massage. I was so relaxed. And it took the whole focus area and melted it away. The third time I was amazed that I physically felt pain from the situation I was targeting to release until I had released it. Then the pain was gone.

Holy [sic] has such great insight, you have to go see her for any situations big or small even if you can’t put your finger on why you’re feeling a certain way.”

Stacie D.

“Holly is amazing! She makes the whole experience relaxing, and she informs you of how the entire process works.  She is also delightful and her office set up is so inviting.

I have only had one session with her so far, but I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends.  I left feeling so much better about myself and how to relax ​if I feel anxious. I can’t wait for my next session, and I think if you are considering hypnotherapy you should book an appointment with Holly!​”

Elyse B.

“[I] went to Holly wanting a shift but not knowing where the emotional discomfort was. I am a happy, joyous person, yet [I] had this general malaise.  

Her office was lovely and convenient just at 2nd and park. After a few minutes of chatting she had me lay down on a treatment table and covered me with a light blanket.

Next thing I know we are talking about anger in [a] very easy way, as easy as talking about the weather. It was slightly surreal, I was comfortable and aware.  Then she asked if we could do a visualization. This is when time melted away and when I was aware again she had me “walking through a thick stone wall”.  

It was powerful. Once done I felt calm, rested but different. Over the next couple hours and days I had realizations, some small, some large.  I saw clearly where blockage[s] were; and, yes, I said “were.”

The malaise was melting, replaced with insight and confidence. This was a subtle shift, but a powerful one.

I have sent several coworkers and friends to Holly.  She has a kind way of making the difficult or challenging things in life easier.”

Eric L.

“Holly Hart is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease from beginning to end. I love that she take [sic] time in the beginning to learn about you. She takes the time to get to know you and your feelings and emotions. She is calm and you can tell she is listening to everything you are saying. She gave me some techniques to take home to continue the process of her work. She has taught me things that can be very helpful in my process of healing. Thank you Holly, you truly are amazing.”

Cecelia S.

“I have been working with Holly for a couple years now. She never ceases to amaze me with her compassion and loving insight. She has helped see me through so many triumphs and moments of growth. She has also helped me work through some of my darkest fears and pain. Whenever we talk I always feel empowered and grounded. Thank you Holly for all you give.”

Dylan E.

“The cord cutting experience with Holly Hart’s guidance was an incredible and eye-opening experience for me. I recommend working with Holly as she is a natural intuitive and an excellent communicator, with claircognizant and sentient abilities and because she can help those seeking to answer spiritual questions related to their own personal experiences.” Read the full article here.

L.J. Acker, Intuitive Coach

“I am a long term sufferer of chronic depression and anxiety. Early this year one of my closest friends committed suicide and I was the one to find her. I tried medication, various other forms of therapy but after months of suffering I was getting worse not better. The PTSD from not only my friend’s recent tragic death but other abuses were starting to win and I could not cope.

After only one session with Holly to deal with my depression, anxiety and severe PTSD I was finally able to find some relief and start to find myself again. There is no magic fix for psychological or emotional wounds but there is a finesse and a genuine healing to the practice of hypnotherapy that helps us sort through ourselves to find peace. I can’t recommend her enough.

Literally nothing else helped me and from where I was when I started to see her, if I had not found this therapy with her I may not be here today. I cannot recommend it enough.

Learn to get in touch with your full potential even if you feel like you have none left to give.”

Christa M., Administrative Assistant

“Well let’s [see] here…..when I went to go see Holly for a reading, I was surprised [by] the personal problems she dug up. Not only did she find the problems, but also gave me useful tools to use to stabilize my personal problems. If your [sic] looking for a personal reading, she’ll help you find what your [sic] looking for.”

Guillermo O.

“I have had two past life energy healing sessions with Holly and they were eye opening and life changing. I was able to break through some old chains in my life with her help and free myself of the burdens that we all carry inside.

Holly is compassionate, naturally intuitive, and gifted at guiding individuals to access their inner book of life. I highly recommend working with Holly either remotely (by Skype) or in person. If you have questions that you have not yet found an answer to, Holly will help you access your inner knowledge, where this information has been hiding all along, in order to get the answers you need.”

Ophelia B.

“I’ve been working with Holly for over a year now and feel compelled to add an additional review. We’re probably over 100 sessions in and going strong.

We’ve done everything from fear of flying to heights to self esteem to freaking singing to sexual issues to compulsive behaviors — I was one messed up human being haha.

Is there anything this woman cannot do?

She is so versatile. It seems like whatever I want to work on — she adjusts and finds the way to keep propelling me forward.

I’ve become so much happier, so much more grounded emotionally, personally and otherwise.

Whatever happens in my life, I know if I need help — I’ve got Holly.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I was really emotional today after realizing how far I’ve come and understanding I wouldn’t get there without amazing people who helped me on my way.

Holly is one of such people — the best of the best.

She is an amazing treasure. Go see Holly!

Holly, YOU ROCK!

(Big Hug) and lots of love!”

Roman S.

“Holly has been instrumental in my journey. She is a kind, profound and generous soul who knows a lot not only through study and training but also through personal experience.

She is as intuitive as they come and has some of the most pleasant voices for any kind of hypnosis I’ve ever heard. She puts so much healing energy and passion into her sessions, it is unparalleled.

I am very experienced with hypnosis and spiritual healing and I’ve done tons of sessions with others but found myself in a plateau — Holly was able to take me so much further in so many more ways.

She was so helpful with boundary work, inner child work, fear of flying, relationship addiction, self esteem issues. Basically, anything and everything.

She also was very helpful with kicking one pernicious addiction I have had for over 20 years. Now? GONE! Thanks, Holly 🙂

She is a very kind, non judgmental soul but she will also tell you the things you need to hear. I find here [sic] presence alone profoundly healing and uplifting.

I highly recommend recording your hypnosis session with her yourself over Skype or Zoom. I’ve done that and some of the guided visualizations/hypnoses I’ve listened [to] over 40-50 times.

I was able to let some negative people go from my life thanks to Holly and the positive people are just popping in now. She also has a great deal of amazing release techniques to let go off [sic] past trauma and sadness and pain.

I feel lighter and lighter the more sessions I do with her. Holly is also great for creativity. I’ve had a lot of fear of rejection and that improved significantly since sessions with Holly.

I will continue my work with Holly. She is an amazingly wise, kind and objective guide that had a tremendous impact on me and my journey.

I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Roman S.

“Holly is such a wonderful person… Just the type of personality that you want to open your heart to. And she uses that talent to help. The experience was great, and I have been practicing some of the techniques she had suggested.

Thank you for crossing paths with me Holly, and I’m looking forward to our next conversation/session.

Sam M.

“Holly is truly a sweet soul.  She is compassionate and patient and very wise.  Since my husband passed away I have been existing in a kind of malaise. Trying very hard to find myself after a 28 year all encompassing marriage.  It is tricky to begin again, but Holly was very helpful to guide me to overcome some of my insecurities and give me an overall feeling that there is more of life to come and I can navigate through it.  Such a lovely person.  Would highly recommend her.”

Pamela G.

“I’ve been working with Holly for the past few weeks and it’s been really amazing. She’s been very kind and present during the sessions. She [is] perceptive and has a wide range of tools that have helped me.

I’ve come to a deeper understanding of myself & my behaviors which has resulted into a lot of self-acceptance & comfort. Basically my relationship with myself has improved significantly. I feel I have a solid foundation on which to build upon & it’s all due to my work with her so far.

I would highly recommend her for all your healing needs. Thanks Holly!”

Rohan J.

“I must admit I’ve had my reservation about energy healing, all of that melted away the moment I began my session with Holly.

Her ability to reach to the root of any issue with compassion and expert guidance is anything short of a miracle. She was able to not only help me work through my own issues but also give me tools to use on a daily basis to further my own growth and enhance life.

I would STRONGLY recommend Holly to anyone, overcoming anything, you will absolutely love the result!”

Ruth, Fundraising Coordinator

“I saw Holly in a moment of relationship life crises. I came into Holly’s space with an on-and-off-3 year relationship lurking over my shoulder feeling defeated, uncertain, and overall drained. I was intrigued by Holly’s background with Hypnotherapy. I had done a session like that before and was completely stunned by how much the truth can evoke from being guided into this state. So I decided to book with her and within the first 15 minutes I was able to sense her openness and absolutely trust her intuition.

I have a history of stomach pain that aches me in the area that would be referred to as the “solar plexus” chakra, and without me even mentioning that to her she did a scan of my body/energy and picked up on that area having a problem. She gave me an exercise to go home with, which was helpful.

I decided to take the leap and purchase the buy 5, get 1 free deal she offers for her sessions. We went through the sessions in about a 2 month period of time and it took me about a month afterwards to truly process everything, and more importantly, to actually make the changes in my life I needed to make to be out of this crises [sic].

Holly took me into a past-life regression where it lead [sic] me to so much resolution as to why I have this overwhelming connection and obligation towards my ex. The regression was overwhelming, and revealed the roots to big insecurities… which provoked me towards the behavior of my unhealthy relationship. Basically, I reached the point of KNOWING I needed to move on from my relationship. But BELIEVING it was the hardest part.

Holly concluded our 6 sessions with a great exercise which allowed me to focus on my “Desired State”. We painted the picture in my head, and I knew I absolutely needed to get there. My relationship is over and my desired state will be completely disrupted if [I] don’t make this move. (It’s overwhelming being able to write that previous sentence with so much certainty).

Holly is incredibly understanding and loving, despite us having sessions about resolving one thing and I went off doing the complete opposite, I never felt judgement [sic] or disappointment coming from her. Rather, she spun it in a way for me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Her voice during the Hypnotherapy sessions is so peaceful, safe, and nurturing it really set the mood and allowed me to sink into the subconscious state smoothly and quickly.

I plan on continuing to see Holly to gain a more in-depth understanding of myself…She’s very powerful.”

Nadia R.

“I felt safe, and it felt good to really be seen. It was spot on.”


“Holly is a kind and gentle soul.  She worked very hard with me in connecting with my past lives and was successful. The session was eye opening and full of answers to many of my questions regarding my past lives and relationships.  Holly is very passionate about her work and compassionate towards her clients.  Thank you Holly”

CD B., Nurse

“I have anxiety and get worked up pretty easily. It can easily snowball out of control. One session with Holly and it was like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. Her guided meditation, EFT, and Chakra cleansing were all incredibly helpful to me. I know she can help with anything and everything you may need, but it definitely says something when a session with her is more effective than my anxiety medication.

I’ve already recommended her to friends and family – she does skype sessions too (my mom lives in Florida)! Not only did I feel so much relief from my anxiety that day, but she gave me advice and “tools” to use to continue feeling at peace that last.

Can’t wait for our next session! I honestly can’t say enough good things about her. One session and you’ll be hooked on her positivity and good energy.”

A. Roman, Receptionist

“I only mailed her via Yelp just asking some embarrassing questions which are irrelevant to what she provides. But she responded kindly twice or so. Normally people just respond via an assistant or one simple reply. Of course there are nice and polite people too but I was still impressed. I think what everyone writes about her is right. :)”

Mia S.